LGBTQ American Life Expectancy Drops By 1 Year Because Of COVID-19

As Queer News Tonights reports this evening the CDC reports that Americans, and LGBTQ Americans have lost a full year of their life. And we don’t mean in lockdown during pandemic but rather the actual number of breaths you are going to take in your life expectancy. A new report from National Center for Health […]

Vaccines Are Overwhelmingly Statistically Safe For LGBTQ America

At The Beginning Of The Pandemic We Reported The Best & Worst States In Covid-19 Testing. The News Was Terrible For Months. Starting Today We Will Report Exact Data On Efficacy Of Covid-19 Vaccine Results. The News Is Absolutely Terrific. As Of Tonight More Than 75 Million Americans And 5,250,000 LGBTQ Americans Are Now Fully […]

LGBTQ Vaccine Hesitancy Could Be Disastrous For America

The CDC Decision To Pause The J&J Vaccine Could Have Dramatically More Negative Effects On The LGBTQ Community Beyond Availability Of Vaccine.  The Vaccine Has Been Paused Because Of A Blood Clot Reported In 6 Cases, All Woman.  This Is Out Of More Than 7 Million J&J Vaccinations. The Blood Clot Is Treatable. In The […]

New Survey Shows That 92% of LGBTQ+ Adults Have Been Vaccinated

LGBTQ+ Americans are getting vaccinated at a remarkable rate. An impressive 92% of LGBTQ+ adults in the United States have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a new survey from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). That figure is significantly higher than the approximately 70% of adults in the general population […]

(VIDEO) Wilson Cruz Stars in Vaccine PSA Targeting BIPOC: “This is Your Shot”

Gay actor Wilson Cruz is among the latest Hollywood stars to urge fellow Americans to get vaccinated in new PSAs from The Creative Coalition and the National Blue Ribbon Task Force to Stem COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy. The Star Trek Discovery star challenges the LGBTQ community to get vaccinated as it may not only save your […]

(VIDEO) Vaccination Success Has Been Incredible For LGBTQ Community

The CDC Is Reporting Vaccine Results For Those Fully Vaccinated. More Importantly The Results Of What Is Called Breakthrough Covid-19 Infection Even After You Are Fully Vaccinated.  Here Are The Up To The Minute Results For The LGBTQ Community.  There Are Now 87 Million Americans Fully Vaccinated. 7,157 Americans Have Contracted Covid-19 After Being Fully […]

Mask Burning Rally In ‘Gayest Place On Planet Earth”. Wait, What?

This weekend a Million Mask March to protest Covid-19 restrictions was held.  That is not so unusual.  After all, the LGBTQ community has seen this in places like Idaho, Texas and other very reliable red locations.  But what was unusual is this protest was held in the heart of the Gayest Place On Planet Earth, […]