LGBTQ+ Rights Organization Has Melt Down As Director Resigns Accusing Board Of White Supremacy

Jeremy LaMaster, the now-former-executive director of FreeState Justice, published an article on the organization’s website announcing his resignation. He accused the group’s board of directors of motivating white supremacist culture. LaMaster has accused the seven-member board of repeatedly refusing to conduct its core activities, failing to meet its financial responsibilities, and ignoring the group’s dedication […]

Would LGBQ+ See Better Days If We Reject The Trans and Drag Children Community

Not since the days of the Stonewall Riots in New York has the LGBTQ+ community lived in a time like 2022. Many Queer activists have suggested that the LGBTQ+ community has become complacent and taken their eye off the ball of the threats that have been growing since the rise of MAGA Trumpism. Consider the […]

Lil Nas X Makes Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week For Coach

The global pop superstar Lil Nas X made his fashion show runway debut when he walked in Coach’s Spring/Summer 23 Fashion Show in New York City. As a part of New York Fashion Week, Coach revealed its Spring/Summer line by Stuart Vevers, featuring lots of black, lots of earth tones, lots of leather, and lots […]

Pride Flags Come Down And Worse As Alabama Implements New Law

In April, Alabama legislature passed two bills targeting LGBTQ+ youth. One is a gender-affirming care ban for minors that punishes doctors who provide it with up to 10 years in prison. The other is a ban on the use of bathrooms by students that do not match their gender assigned at birth. The bathroom bill […]

Fox News Segment On ‘Gay Hypnosis’

A tweet shared in a Facebook post that dates back to August 21st shows a supposed segment on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time TV show on Fox News. The screenshot, which created quite a stir, shows a segment of Carlson’s show with the news chyron reading, ‘Straight men turning homo after gay hypnoses.’ The tweet’s caption with […]

Gov DeSantis Takes God, Guns and Don’t Say Gay To Ohio

With midterm elections in full swing, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a stop in Liberty, Ohio at a campaign event for JD Vance. He spoke about how Republicans should be attacking the left, and not letting them push initiatives for equality or health issues, saying he didn’t allow Florida to “Descend into a Faucian dystopia.” […]

Beyond ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Here Are The Biggest Issues LGBTQ+ Gen Z Will Face In 2023

The next year is set to be a challenging time for many in the LGBTQ+ community, but especially Zennials. Beyond challenges at school with the Parental Rights in Education Bill, many younger members of the LGBTQ+ face even more direct attacks on their identities, especially transgender individuals. Texas has ruled that any gender-affirming care given […]

Rural Iowa Town Destroys Itself Over Harvey Milk And His Book

The fight in Logan, Iowa began when the Logan Public Library showcased a children’s book titled ‘Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag’ by Rob Sanders during Pride month. A 5 page long homophobic letter began to appear taped to the doors of Library board members and city officials’ homes. The letter […]

Patmos Library in Michigan Defunded For LGBTQ+ Books Raises 80k In Donations

In the past year, the Patmos Library in Michigan has been facing harassment for refusing to remove LGBTQ+ books from their shelves. The Jamestown Conservatives group has held rallies in an attempt to get funding blocked for the library saying, “They are trying to groom our children to believe that it’s OK to have these […]