The Amazing Race’s Gay Winners and Their Adventurous Life Together

Will Jardell and James Wallington weren’t expected to win The Amazing Race. Although the gay couple had made it to the final three in season 32, they were behind the front-runners, the volleyball-playing bearded brothers Riley and Maddison McKibbin, until the brothers’ cabbie got lost. Suddenly the boyfriends took the lead, putting them right where […]

Special interview with travel bloggers “Couple of Men”

Surveys from the LGBTQ+ community indicate we are looking forward to getting out of our house. In fact, these surveys show that Travel is the #1 activity we missed in Covid-19 Pandemic. Tonight we bring you two of the most popular Queer people talking about LGBTQ+ travel. Karl & Daan, from the, Couple Of Men […]

Travel Industry Titans Support LGBTQ+ Rights and the Equality Act

One of the industries that has been most supportive of LGBTQ is the Travel industry.  So it comes as no surprise, but likely much gratitude that the tourism industry is loudly supporting LGBTQ+ civil rights and the Equality Act. Hundreds of the worlds largest travel brands including every major US airline, every major hotel company, […]

Sail the High Seas With the Legends of Drag in 2022

Well as all of you already know, Queer News Tonight Anchor Al Ferguson knows a little bit about Drag Cruises. He’s had tens of thousands of cruisers and hundreds of RuPaul Queens sail across the planet. So I can’t wait to hear is thoughts about Legends of Drag. Some of our institutional drag queens, meaning […]

LGBTQ Community Responds to Death of Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson

It will come as no surprise that a new survey during pandemic for the LGBTQ community found that travel is the #1 activity we all miss. The survey showed that a huge title wave of LGBTQ travel will take place this year and studies show that as America emerges from pandemic the LGBTQ community will […]

How Jackie Cox Became the Face (and Butt) of Orbitz’ Orbuttz

For many, Valentine’s Day looked a little different this year. But, timed to this day of love and romance, the travel website Orbitz has teamed up with Jeff Perla of The Travelin Bum for a queer-centric campaign called “Orbuttz.” The face? RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Jackie Cox. Out Magazine reported that Cox was selling a few […]

Africa to get its first exclusively LGBTQ cruise in 2022

A travel company based in South Africa is organizing what Queer News Tonight believes will be the continent’s first exclusive LGBTQ cruise. Organized by AfriGay Travel, the three-night cruise will launch on March 11, 2022. It will set sail from Durban in South Africa and travel to Portuguese Island in neighboring Mozambique. The so-called “The […]

These Resorts & Hotels Won Gay Travel Awards For 2020

Prestigious QUT Traveller announced the 5th annual Gay Travel Awards presented by The awards recognized the top hotels and resorts (decided by online voting) embracing LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusiveness while providing the best accommodations. Gay Travels Steve Rohrlick said “This year has been like no other. With the pandemic raging across the globe, many […]