New Book Details Trump’s Transphobic And Anti Gay Behavior

When Donald Trump was preparing to debate Hillary Clinton in 2016, he had an oddly specific question for an imaginary transgender student: “Cock or without cock?” This scene of crude, transphobic behavior is just one of the revelations in New York Times Trump reporter Maggie Haberman’s soon-to-be-released book. Haberman presents Trump as a boorish homophobe […]

No Kidding, Donald Trump Demands We Keep Our Country Gay

Video of Donald Trump saying that we should “keep our country gay” has gone viral, getting over a million views on Twitter. He was speaking at a rally in North Carolina on Friday in support of candidates he endorsed in the midterms when he probably tried to reference “Make America great again” but failed… fabulously. […]

New Book Exposes ‘The Secret Gay Cabal of Washington’ of Orgies, Lies, and Presidents

‘Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington’ by James Kirchick offers an in-depth and well-researched account of the underground world of primarily white gay men through presidential administrations from Franklin Roosevelt’s to Bill Clinton’s. The focus of the book is primarily white gay men since they were more likely to have positions of power […]

Gay hating Grandma Announces Run For Utah Senate With Homophobic Rap Video

Salt Lake City’s Linda Paulson has recently announced her plans to be on the ballot for Utah State Senate through a rap video. In the video, Paulson rhymes her way through her political values, which include things like ‘loving God’, ‘opposing abortion’, being ‘pro-religious freedom’, ‘pro-police’, and supporting ‘traditional family’ among other extreme right-wing beliefs. […]

Senate Delays Same Sex Marriage Vote To After Midterms

A bipartisan group of senators trying to pass same-sex marriage protection law has pushed a vote until after the election. They believe this could increase their chances of success and also avoids the need to force the GOP on record before the midterms. Earlier in the day, the group of five senators recommended to Senate […]

Charlie Crist Speaks With Florida’s LGBTQ+ Leaders

Recently, Florida Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist spoke in the heart of Wilton Manors. He was joined by the leaders of some of the top LGBTQ+ political organizations in the state. We now present his full statement at the event.

400 GOP Leaders Call On Senate To Pass Same Sex Marriage

Over 400 Republican leaders from across the country, including present and former GOP lawmakers from the last two decades, are calling on the Senate to pass legislation that enshrines same-sex marriage protections. The letter said that passing the Respect for Marriage Act will eliminate uncertainties for over one million Americans who are building families, taking […]

Schumer Announces Same Sex Marriage Vote Details

Senate Majority Leader since January 20, 2021, Chuck Schumer stated that the Senate would vote to protect same-sex marriage in the coming weeks, pushing Republicans to take the same stance ahead of the midterm elections. Schumer’s announcement comes as Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Susan Collins are striving to shore up the 10 GOP votes required […]