Anti-LGBTQ Libs Of Tik Tok Suspended By Twitter And Account Owner Vows Legal Action

According to the owner of the right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ Twitter account Libs of TikTok, Twitter suspended the account Wednesday. Chaya Raichik, the former Brooklyn real estate saleswoman who runs the hate account, claimed her account was temporarily suspended for no apparent reason. She said that the account received a “wrongful 7-day suspension as the result of […]

You Can Now See If An LGBTQ-Friendly Business Gives Money To Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

There’s a multi-prong effort by far-right Republicans to roll back LGBTQ rights, deny the right for women to choose, and take over the machinery of elections to ensure that only Republicans win. Now there’s a website that allows you to see just who is funding the extremists. Accountable for Equality Action (AFEA) has launched the […]

Courts To Rule On Businesses Discriminating Against LGBTQ+ By Claiming ‘Free Speech’

Queer News Tonight has previously reported on the case of 303 Creative LLC v Elenis, where a web designer posted that they would not be creating wedding websites for same-sex couples. Many groups have filed amicus briefs to support the Colorado rule that prevents companies from actively discriminating against individuals based on gender or sexual […]

Gay Realtor Launches Website To Help LGBTQ+ To Flee Texas

Bob McCranie, a gay realtor in Dallas, has launched Flee Texas, a website that helps LGBTQ+ families find homes in more accepting states. The website not only helps them sell their current home, but connects them with LGBTQ+ realtors in other states. As Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to pass laws restricting the rights of […]

Pelosi Challenges Singapore Businesses To Support LGBTQ+ Groups

Pelosi Challenges Singapore Businesses To Support LGBTQ+ Groups

A Congressional Delegation lead by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is currently on a tour of Southeast Asia, discussing human rights issues as well as diplomatic issues. Her first two days were spent in Singapore, where the country is debating striking down their anti-sodomy laws. With more than 5,500 US companies already having offices […]

Queer ‘Business Drag Queen’ As Trixie Mattel Says She Wants More Trixie Motels

‘Trixie Motel’, the Discovery+ show featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race SuperQueen Trixie Mattel, has come to an end. At least the show has. Trixie apparently loved the experience of remodeling a resort so much that she’s looking to continue with even more Trixie Motels. In an interview with British Vogue she teased it when asked about […]

Here Are The Special Challenges Of LGBTQ+ Businesses & Queer Owners

In many states (including Florida), companies have the right to fire employees for being LGBTQ+. While working for yourself or an LGBTQ+ friendly company can help take away that fear for job security, there are other issues that might be faced. From the public and partner businesses not accepting you, to customers who will avoid […]