Finalists For SFGN Best Of South Florida Favorite Television Personality Announced

Last month, South Florida Gay News asked its readers to vote for their favorite restaurants, people, hangouts, and charities. Thousands of votes were cast in more than 100 categories. The readers chose the Top 3 nominees in each category while the other two nominees were chosen by the staff. Each year SFGN divides the contest […]

The Issues Related To Bringing Back Banned Books

With school boards and libraries across Florida acquiescing to angry mobs and eagerly over-complying with the Don’t Say Gay law, students are being banned from learning LGBT history, stories, and much more. Now Safe Schools South Florida and Stonewall National Museum & Archives are teaming up to make the books available for free.

United Nations Weighs in On Trans Rights In Florida

While all members of the LGBTQ+ community face increased hostility and attempts to rollback hard won rights, none have faced more state-sanctioned hate than members of Florida’s trans community. Now the United Nations is taking notice and weighing in. In this week’s SFGN, online and on stands tomorrow, I look at a U.N. representative’s visit […]

Political Yard Signs Removed in Wilton Manors

Tis the season for political signs to dot the landscape. But the landscape in Wilton Manors is a little less dotted. In this week’s SFGN, online now and on stands tomorrow, I look at why signs suddenly went missing on Monday. Code Compliance went around collecting signs promoting various campaigns. Is this the action of […]

Trans Community Gets Day To Just Be Themselves and Have Fun

From state-sanctioned discrimination to being scrutinized by strangers while doing everyday tasks, like shopping or having dinner, the trans community is under attack like never before. It’s easy to understand why many are uneasy to relax and show off their bodies at a pool party or fun park. In this week’s SFGN, online and on […]

Monkeypox Is Spreading – Sex Workers Are Fighting Back

Monkeypox Is Spreading - Sex Workers Are Fighting Back

With nearly six thousand cases in the US, Monkeypox is spreading fast. It’s spread through close, intimate contact, and this outbreak started at Pride and circuit parties in Europe and migrated to America, and disproportionately affects the gay and bisexual community. More than 400 cases have been diagnosed in South Florida. In this week’s SFGN, […]