These Two Women Could Become America’s First Lesbian Governors

Maura Healey and Tina Kotek are running for governor in Massachusetts and Oregon states respectively. Both these women are poised to make history. If they get elected on Tuesday, November 8, they’ll become America’s first lesbian governors. Both Healey and Kotek will be running as Democrats. Tina Kotek has served as speaker of the house […]

What Will It Take To Get The LGBQ+ Community To Support The T?

As politicians continue to attack individuals on the transgender spectrum, many in LGB community seem to be distancing themselves from transgender issues. In order to protect their own rights, some cisgender members of the community are calling for removal of the “T” in LGBT, as to not turn the eye of bigoted lawmakers towards them. […]

‘Ok Boomer’ Queer Gen Z Considers How To Be Seen And Heard Inside The LGBTQ+ Community

Research has shown that a typical Gen Zer is a self-driver who deeply cares about others, strives for a diverse community, is highly collaborative and social, values flexibility, relevance, authenticity and non-hierarchical leadership, and, while dismayed about inherited issues like climate change, has a pragmatic attitude about the work that has to be done to […]

PrideFête Celebrates Black & Caribbean Culture In Wilton Manors – LGBTQ+ Pride Festival

Hotspots Happening Out Television Network has partnered with Pride Fort Lauderdale and the City of Wilton Manors to bring an LGBTQ+ Caribbean Pride Festival back to the Island City. The newly branded PrideFête takes its name after a recognizable French word in the Carnival community meaning Party. The authentic Caribbean Fest will represent the heart […]

Almost 50 Years Later – Upstairs Lounge Victims May Find Peace

Before the Pulse shooting of 2016 claimed 49 lives, the largest attack on the LGBTQ+ community was the Upstairs Lounge fire. In 1970, the Upstairs Lounge opened on the second floor of a building on a street corner in the French Quarter. It was located at the top of a wooden stairwell with carpet that […]

Researchers Claim Bachelorette Parties Are ‘Destroying’ ‘LGBT Safe Spaces’

In an op-ed in the Boston Globe, researchers Vincent Jones II, the director of the Health Promotion Center at York College, and Laurie Essig, the director of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Middlebury College explore why LGBTQ+ bars and venues are failing in Provincetown. They coin the phrase “hetrification”, or the heteronormalizing of queer […]