Pete Buttigieg’s Hope To Get Back To Cruising By Summer.  Wait. What?

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Here is an example of a non story becoming the story in the LGBTQ community. Yesterday Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg stepped up to the microphone at the White House press briefing to answer questions that related to cruise ship travel. When asked he said “the government hopes people will be able to get back to cruising by mid-summer.” But the out Cabinet official ignited a different kind of public response when headlines reported that he said the government hopes people “will be able to” get back to cruising “by mid-summer.” The “cruising” Buttigieg was referring to was sailing the seas aboard ships for leisure, a staple of the cruise and seaborne tourism industry. Not, you know, the other one. It only took minutes for the LGBTQ community and also our haters to explode in social media. Gay men started making jokes about the first gay cabinet member talking about public sex.  Radical right started to comment on the demise of America.  Neither storyline was true. Buttigieg didn’t exactly say the word “cruising” in his answer, but he did say the “cruise sector,” and he did say that the industry could be able to return this summer.  The jokes were obvious.  But the story is not completely true.

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