Moscow’s Photographer Stas Vokman Brings Classic Nude Photos To LGBTQ America

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Let’s Go To Moscow. It Can Be A Scary Place If You Are LGBTQ. Happening Out Television Network Continues To Focus On Our LGBTQ Culture With Photographers, Authors, Books, Painters And Other Types Of Artists.  At Queer News Tonight We Continue To Support And Bring Your Attention To Stas Vokman.  He Is Based In Moscow. In A City And Country Where Vladimir Putin Has Recently Outlawed “Gay”.  No Rainbow Flags, No Gay Propaganda, No Pride Parades, No LGBTQ. At All.  So Obviously, Queer Culture In Russia Is Very Difficult But Not Impossible.  So When Photographer Stas Vokman Introduces A New Series Of Classic Nude Photos To LGBTQ America, It Continues To Demand Our Attention. Not Just Because Of The Beautiful Images And Vokman’s Incredible Artful Eye.  But For What He Must Endure To Even Display His Art.  In A Place That Is Almost Third World In Their Thinking And In The Toxic Masculinity In Their View Of LGBTQ. As Such, Vokman Displays Through OnlyFans.  It Is A Way To Have The Business Of His Photography But To Accomplish It In More Secretive Ways For The LGBTQ Community In Russia, And Therefore Around The World To See His Art. Vokman Has Many Focus Themes And He Is Prolific In His Topics And Subjects.  Happening Out Television Network And All Of LGBTQ America Are Fans And We Continue To Express Our Voice To Our Brothers And Sisters In LGBTQ Russia That You Are Not Alone.  We Understand Your Plight. Support Stas Vokman At OnlyFans Or His Instagram And Facebook Social Media. The LGBTQ Community In Russia Represents All Of Us.

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