A Decade of Eric Lanuit’s Beautiful and Diverse Men

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At Queer News Tonight we work hard to introduce you the the best of Gay Culture.  Authors, Books, Painters, Musicians, Photographers and more.  Tonight we introduct you to Eric Lanuits. He represents A Brave and Unafraid Journey of the Imagination. As Advocate Magazine says about him, Finding the right images to share on an LGBTQ+ website that pack a powerfully sexual punch, but don’t scare the horses in the street, is a challenge. Whether Eric creates a loving homage of Tom of Finland or makes a truly shocking image with the statuette of Jesus, Eric brings a level of perfection of execution and a lightness of touch that makes it all work beautifully. It’s called good taste, kids. Nudity is not enough for Eric. His images need to have a point of view, and attitude, and he has a surprising freedom. He is irreverent but maintains a strong reverence and dignity for the male body. He plays with dreamy homages to classical art that don’t sink into imitations because he injects Pop Art freshness and a zip of kitsch. You can get more information and purchase Eric’s amazing book at ericlanuit.fr or stop by Eric Lanuit on Instagram or Facebook.

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