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Would-be Politician Created Video Game Where Players Shoot Gay People At Pride Parades

Meet Mario Greco, a high school teacher and aspiring Canadian politician for the People’s Party. Greco has come under fire from critics for a video game he created in college called “Happy Culture Shootout,” a shooting game in which players attack characters depicted by cultural stereotypes, including mass shootings of LGBTQ people at pride parades. Canadian publication PressProgress reports that Greco continues to defend the game, which he insists is not violent or hateful. Other evidence, however, calls that claim into question. Greco said, “They’re not dying in the game, no one’s dying in the game, there isn’t a single person that dies in the game. They’re beams of light, no one’s dying, they’re being sent to Happy Land because the goal was to end war and discrimination.” Interesting that the game doesn’t involve “shooting” haters, but rather the innocent. For that matter, interesting that the game involves removing the victims of discrimination to end social tensions.