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Veterans Day & Tomb Of The Unknown Celebrates LGBTQ Veterans

Every year on November 11th, the USA honors the veterans of the US Armed Services with Veterans Day. This is the day when we honor those, both alive and dead, who have served our country. During World War I, Congress approved the burial of an unidentified service member in the plaza of a newly constructed Memorial Amphitheater. 100 Years ago on November 11, 1921, the first Unknown soldier was interred there. Arlington Cemetery is now home to 4,723 unknown soldiers who have died in battles dating back to the Civil War. Speaking in terms of general population, that means approximately 330 LGBTQ+ unidentified service members are buried there, although it is possible that many remain unidentified due to having gone into the armed services after rejection from their families for being part of our community. Our hearts to out to all of the service members who have passed, and especially those who were unable to live their lives authentically. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded 24 hours a day, so at least those individuals are now forever in company and revered by their fellow service members and the civilians of the US as well.