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Tue, Apr 5, 2022 Daily LIVE LGBTQ+ News Broadcast | Queer News Tonight

In this episode: - New Study Shows LGBTQ+ Migration To Specific States Underway And They Will Surprise You - NYC Starts Billboard Campaign In Florida To Oppose 'Don't Say Gay' Law - Florida Judge Deciding 'Don't Say Gay' Backed Ban On Same-Sex Marriage - World Cup Rainbow Flags May Be Taken In Qatar 'To Protect Fans' - Is Pandemic Over For LGBTQ Community As Queer News Tonight Ends 25 Months Of Daily Covid Reporting? - Shirtless Lil Nas X Sings About Not Winning Any Grammys - RuPaul's Trinity The Tuck Is Transgender - Oreo And Alice Wu Emotional LGBTQ+ Commercial On Parents And Students Will Bring Tears Of Joy - Historic As World Gets First Gay Head Of State - Ariana Grande Will Help Raise $3 Million For Trans Support - Commentary: The Slap Was The Least Offensive Thing That Happened. What It Says About Us?