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Trump Tells 'Gays For Trump' Supporters 'They Don't Look Gay' At Mar-a-lago Fundraiser

Apparently you have to look a certain way to be gay, according to disgraced former President Trump. Phone footage from a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for Congressional candidate John Gibbs showed #45 asking the crowd where the Gays for Trump are. When a group in the crowd yells "We're over here!" he looks at them and says, "You don't look gay." In an interview about the event with Newsweek, the Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin said the group "probably wouldn't 'look gay' because it's a stereotype that fits more with the typical 'look' of leftist LGBT. Not saying some of us might look fabulous and 'gay.' Otherwise, it was a suit and tie event, so unless one of us was wearing a joker suit, meh."