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Thu, Mar 31, 2022 Daily LIVE LGBTQ+ News Broadcast | Queer News Tonight

In this episode:
 - Fox News Goes Wild As Leaked Videos Reveal Disney's Real Position On 'The Gay Agenda'
- NASA Accused Of Hiding Evidence Homophobic Past Under James Webb
- Even FOX News is Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility As They Sign Caitlyn Jenner
- Miami Beach Pride Sponsor Celebrity Cruises Creates Photo Bank Of Diversity For Travel Brands
- U.S. Starts 'X' Gender Passport Marker April 11
- K.NGSLEY Gets Kinky With Campaign For New Leather Boots
- Here Are Top Trans People Who Are Loud, Proud, Making Change For Trans Day Of Visibility
- You Won't Believe This File: RuPaul Is Selling Autographed Version Of Her Chia Pet In Drag
- Elton John Celebrates 75th Birthday With Emotional Letter To His Sons
- Schoolboys Get Wild And 'Say Gay' In Trailer For New Season Of 'Elite'