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South Florida Rallies Against "Don't Say Gay" and "Stop WOKE Act"


It may be an exercise in futility, but more and more South Florida institutions are coming out against legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community. In this week’s SFGN, online now and on stands tomorrow, my colleague Christina Lily looks at our allies standing up for us. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission and the Broward County School Board passed resolutions condemning four odious bills including the “Stop Woke Activism Act” and the “Don’t Say Gay” initiative. Even President Biden - who has a LOT going on right now - took time to deal with Florida’s intransigent, gay-baiting GOP. You can see exactly what they said in Christina’s article at SFGN, online now and on stands tomorrow. Will any of this stop the bills? Probably not. But it could energize enough voters to see the hate and stupidity, and vote out Governor DeSantis this November. Stop him here, and we may stop his presidential aspirations in their tracks.