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South Florida Gay News: Homophobia Takes the Spotlight in Sports

Faggot. Pussy. Queer, and more. Ugly words from the past are surfacing everywhere this week. In the light of day, away from the shelter of ‘private’ messages and emails, the words are even uglier. Two incidents are making headlines this week, and the sports world and Florida are at the root of both. In this week’s SFGN, on stands and online tomorrow, I look at both incidents. A reporter for WLRN brought back his own tweet from a decade ago - where he seems to tell the LGBTQ+ community the word ‘Faggot’ shouldn’t offend them. He was echoing a comment an NBA player shouted at a Miami Heat fan during a game. He says he’s grown as a human and that it was before he was a journalist. We can take him at his word if we choose. You know who we *can’t* take at their word? Jon Gruden. Because he says one thing in public and does a 180 in private. In Emails revealed by the New York Times, the now *former* Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders called the NFL Commissioner a ‘faggot’ and a ‘pussy.’ When Michael Sam became the first openly gay man drafted into the League, he wrote about “Queers” and railed against ESPN when it honored Caitlyn Jenner. Ironically, the first and only out gay player, Carl Nassib, plays for the Raiders. Unlike his ugly emails, Gruden was publicly supportive when Nassib came out over the summer.. Get the full story in this week's SFGN on stands tomorrow.