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Safe Schools South Florida Continues To Fight "Don't Say Gay"


On a story we’ve been following for weeks: the march of the Don’t Say Gay towards becoming law. While it may be inevitable, the LGBTQ+ community isn’t being quiet. On Monday, I reported here and for SFGN, that the company that agreed to fly banner planes with the message to Defeat Don’t Say Gay, backed out less than 24 hours before a planned rally against the bill. A Fly Signs employee texted a rally organizer: “We’re doing eight million [dollars] a year there and don’t want to piss off any potential clients that have a problem with that phrase for a one-time flight.” By potential clients, I infer that he means narrow-minded, right-wing, conservative bigots who may want to advertise their low-rent strip club one day. Safe Schools, who organized the rally found another banner-plane company who flew the message over several large South Florida high schools. Last night’s rally on Miami Beach went on as planned and was a success, according to Safe Schools Executive Director and Happening Out contributor Scott Galvin. You are seeing some of the pictures on the screen. Today Galvin and supporters boarded a bus to Orlando, to demand Disney take a stand against Don’t Say Gay. They released this ad. (Watch this) From gay days to gay-appearing characters, I’m looking at you, Captain Hook, we generally have a good impression of Disney. So why put them on blast? Well, they’ve been notably silent in this debate, and Galvin says, “It’s great to be a leader in the easy times. It’s another when things are rough and the community needs the support of a juggernaut.” You can read my entire story in this week’s SFGN, online and on stands tomorrow.