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Rightwing TV Host Calls Joe Biden 'The Groomer-In-Chief' For His Pro LGBTQ+ Stance

Oh, OAN. For those of you who haven't been following One American News, the ultra-conservative "news" network first founded by AT&T, they've been having a hard time. They were recently removed by their last broadcast platform, the AT&T-owned Direct TV. Now, like the malformed pup rejected from their mother's teat that they are, they are reaching for the furthest straws they can in order to get ratings and views. Recently show host Chanel Rion went on a meandering stream-of-consciousness style rant about the person she calls "Groomer in Chief." Yes she means Biden. Taking the term 'groomer' that was first created by incels (people so personally repugnant that they are 'involuntarily celibate'), and taking it so far out of even it's twisted context that it makes us wonder if she even knows what it means, she states that any support of LGBTQ+ means you are a groomer. She also calls former President Obama a "shadow president" (we think that's a racial statement). Dear Chanel, we aren't attacking you because you have viewpoints different than our own. We're attacking you because you're just rambling about conspiracy theories and calling gender confirmation surgery "child mutilation" even though the American Medical Association - you know, doctors who know about these things - approve of it. We respect your certificate in International Relations from the Harvard Extension School, but it doesn't give you a platform to make judgements on medical policy.