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Massive School Walk Outs Growing From Florida Students Protesting 'Don't Say Gay'


Yesterday, Queer News Tonight reported on the statewide walkouts that occurred last Thursday here in Florida to protest the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Yesterday, students continued to protest with even more walkouts. Winter Park High School in Central Florida saw one such walkout, with more than 500 students leaving class at 9 am. The walkout was organized by juniors Will Larkins and Maddi Zornek. Larkins told CNN, "We wanted to show our government that this isn't going to stop. There were walkouts all last week. This is going to continue. If this passes, there will be protests everywhere. We wanted to get the attention of our representatives, our senators, because the point is to show them that we are the ones in powers. The people are the ones in powers and what they're doing doesn't represent us, especially marginalized groups."