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LucasFilm Casts Trans Actress Talisa Garcia For New Disney Series


The 80's cult classic film 'Willow' is getting a spinoff series on Disney+ and while it may not have Val Kilmer, it does have a great new cast of sexy young characters as Warwick Davis returns to the role of the titular character for a new generation. In exciting news, LucasFilm has for the first time cast a transgender actress to play a cisgender character. British actress Talisa Garcia will be playing a queen, and the mother of Tony Revolori's (who appeared in the new Spider Man movies as "Flash") character. Garcia’s role is a small speaking part and the actress may ultimately only appear in one episode, but it is still a visible roll in a production by a major studio. We can't wait to see Talisa when Willow premieres on Disney+ later this year.