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Lil Nas X Crushes Homophobic Rap Meme And The World Reacts In Surprising Way

Lil Nas X has proven once again that he is the ultimate troll with his hilarious response to a homophobic meme. The widely-shared meme is a side-by-side image showing legendary rapper 2Pac on the left wearing a white suit. On the right is a picture of Lil Nas X at the MTV VMAs wearing a purple gown. The meme says: “Rappers then and now”, suggesting that Lil Nas X has somehow brought his genre into disrepute with his iconic, gender-bending looks. The “Industry Baby” rapper recreated the meme but replaced the picture of him with a nicer one tweeting, “Can y’all please stop spreading this! Spread this one instead, it’s a much better angle.”