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In This Together: Wilton Elementary Community Supports Rosie’s

A Broward County School Board member took students from Wilton Manors Elementary to a restaurant in Wilton Manors. How is this a story? Much less *the* story of the week - capturing international attention and sending Tucker Carlson’s blood pressure through the roof? In this week’s South Florida Gay News, online and on stands tomorrow. I talk with the major players in this Straw-Man drama where kids had lunch at Rosie’s and posted the pictures online. Fox News picked up on the story of the field trip. With more innuendo than facts, they made it sound like a day at a gay bar. The vile hate that followed was swift and intense. I talk with Sarah Leonardi, who led one of the groups of kids, parents who came to defend and support the school, Mayor Newton who not only accompanied one of the groups, but also sat down with the flunky Governor DeSantis sent to “investigate” all that’s going on, and Rosie’s Co-owner, John Zieba, who says the kids are welcome always. In the end, this is the story of a community coming together to show our best face while the outside world shows their ugliness.