Homophobe calls Ford Truck "Very Gay", so Ford doubles-down for Cologne Pride.
Ford's German branch has long supported Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Cologne, the location of the automaker's headquarters in Germany. Cologne also holds one of the largest CSD events in the country, which is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. This year, Ford offered a rainbow-adorned Ranger Raptor for the occasion but the Raptor's origin was two-fold. It was also created due to a specific, negative social media commenter that called the Raptor's original color of Performance Blue "very gay." As such, Ford specifically named this pickup the Very Gay Raptor. Recognizing the discriminatory tone of the comment, the automaker responded with an over-the-top image of a rainbow Ranger to make the company's position very clear. Ford then turned to a real Performance Blue Raptor for a proper makeover. In addition to rainbow colors, a gold foil from Alphafoil was added to the back half of the off-road truck for even more visual punch. The entire process took 60 hours and required 30 square meters of film, and the end result speaks volumes on Ford's opinion of those who feel such language and actions are acceptable.
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