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High School Students Oppose School Board Protestors Claiming Book "Teaches Kids How To Be Gay"

Parents and other area residents showed up at a Community High School District 99 school board meeting in suburban Chicago on Monday night, holding signs that said “NO PORN” and attacking one specific book that had been approved for school libraries in the district: Gender Queer, an autobiographical graphic novel by Maia Kobabe. Parent Terry Newsome said at the meeting that the book is “liberal code for teaching children how to perform oral sex, anal sex, wear strap-on dildos.” Another father who was not named told the Chicago Sun-Times that the book made him “sick.” He hadn’t read it, he had just watched a YouTube video about it. But students weren’t having it. Senior Lauren Pierret said “Let’s not present getting rid of Gender Queer as censoring our children from sex. It’s homophobia."