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Group Behind Lil Nas X Satan Shoes Is Now Serving Chick-fil-A On Sundays for $6.66

SMART RIDE - Owner Bona Restaurant

The collective MSCHF (pronounced Mischief) who helped Lil Nas X create his infamous "Satan Shoes" is at it again. Now they're taking aim at anti-LGBTQ+ food chain Chick-fil-A with their "devilish" pranks. They announced on Monday that they would be serving Chick-fil-A's "not so fresh" chicken sandwiches as part of a "Sunday Service" this coming Sunday in New York City. The price? Just $6.66. MSCHF is also encouraging people to visit their local chain and say, “Thank you @satan for @mschf misappropriating @ChickfilA on the Lord’s Day!”