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GOP Politicians Try To Shut Down A Smalltown LGBTQ Support Group. Here's What Happened

Fulton County Pennsylvania's community library is host to an LGBTQ+ group's biweekly meeting. This has upset two members of the county commission. Fulton County Library director Jamie Brambley said, “There’s really no other place for that community to meet in the county… to have a safe comfortable meeting place." Already working on a shoestring budget after their funding had been severely cut, the library had requested an extra $3,000 to their measly $15,000 annual budget. But when a flier advertising the support group to the county’s minuscule number of queer residents was brought to their attention, the two men denied the request. They accused the librarians of supporting “hate groups.” Commissioner Randy Bunch told the local newspaper, “If we support them, we have to support Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter." Commissioner Stuart Ulsh asked, “Do we want Muslims moving into our county?” Emily Best, a local activist and former Democratic candidate for the state senate, started a GoFundMe to raise the money the library needed. Over $21,000 has been donated to the library so far.