Gay Afghan man raped by cruel Taliban fighters after desperately trying to flee
More than 60 members of Congress last week urged the U.S. to evacuate LGBTQ Afghans from their country. Canada thus far is the only country that has specifically said it would offer refuge to LGBTQ Afghans. Nick Herbert, a member of the British House of Lords who advises Prime Minister Boris Johnson on LGBTQ issues, urged the U.K. to offer sanctuary to LGBTQ Afghans. A gay man in Kabul was beaten and raped by two members of the Taliban, who then demanded his father's number so they could out him. The victim, we'll call Hanan to protect his identity, had been talking to a man on social media for three weeks before agreeing to meet him. Hanan, a gay man terrified since the Taliban took control of the country, had been promised a safe way out of the country. He was deceived - two members of the Taliban met him and carried out their brutal attack. Hanan survived but is living in silence, shock, and shame under a regime intent on not just denying, but extinguishing the existence of him and we who are like him. Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto-based organization that assists LGBTQ refugees around the world, on Monday said it remains in contact with LGBTQ Afghans who hope to leave their country. Stonewall, a British LGBTQ rights group, tweeted it “won’t stop working to get LGBTQ+ Afghans to safety.”
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