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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has Attacked LGBTQ+ Community 7 Times. Next Stop The White House?


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is so far up #45's ass he can taste the bad spray tan, has been pandering to the ultra-right zealots in hopes to get elected President in 2024. It started with a subtle snub on the 3rd anniversary of the Pulse massacre, when the at the time new governor issued a statement on the event that had no mention of the LGBTQ+ or Hispanic communities that were the target of the attack. His agenda became more clear last year, when DeSantis celebrated the first day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month by signing a law banning trans athletes from school sports. He has backed school policies that require schools to out students to potentially homophobic parents, and has fought to erase LGBTQ+ students with the "Don't Say Gay" and "Stop WOKE Act" bills. He has also shown that not only does LGBTQ+ student mental health not matter to him, but he vetoed funding for therapy for Pulse survivors. What about the poor kids who end up homeless after being kicked out by their parents? He made sure they were without resources as well after he blocked a $750,000 grant for the Zebra Coalition, a nonprofit that assists LGBTQ+ youth who are living on the streets get housing. He has also removed anti-LGBTQ+ bullying resources from state websites, and is currently pushing agenda items that ban books containing LGBTQ+ content from Florida Schools. No wonder Trump loves him so much.