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Drag Queens on Twitch Are Being Swatted While They Stream

Elix, a Las Vegas drag queen and prominent Twitch streamer, is the latest victim in a series of “swatting pranks” targeting drag queens on the popular livestreaming service. Elix was streaming on the evening of November 9 when police arrived at her home, banging on her door and demanding she come out with her hands up. Fortunately for Elix, she was able to speak with the police and it quickly became apparent that the call they’d received was a “prank”. In this scenario, someone calls the police with a false report of a dangerous situation, leading officers to arrive at the target home — something that has proven fatal on multiple occasions. Elix is the sixth member of the Stream Queens — a group of drag streamers on Twitch — to have been the target of swatting since September. Stream Queens founder Deere told NBC News that she’s saddened by the “continued threats, harassment, and invasions of privacy” both of her collective and of other marginalized groups facing similar treatment. She said, “I hope that through these amazing people persevering in the face of hate, we can inspire people to still be strong and be themselves in spite of anyone trying to stop us or shame us for being genuine and honest.”