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Door Dash Delivery Man Arrested For Writing Anti-Gay Slurs On Gay Couple's Sandwich Order

A DoorDash delivery man in Massachusetts was arrested on criminal harassment charges last week allegedly writing homophobic slurs on a gay couple’s order. Matthew Butchard, 27, of East Sandwich, were not kidding, is alleged to have drawn a penis and the couple’s names, followed by the words “gay fags” on a Subway sandwich order. Butchard’s actions were allegedly recorded on a Snapchat video that showed him writing on the sandwich as he dropped it off in the driveway of the couple’s East Sandwich home. According to court documents, Colin Brady, 25, of Sandwich, was a participant in the incident but has not been charged, reports The Enterprise, a Cape Cod newspaper. Police spoke with the couple and their 20-year-old son, who said this is not the first time that Butchard has harassed their family. The son told police he believes Butchard has targeted their family is because of his fathers’ same-sex relationship. A warrant was issued for Butchard’s arrest, charging him with criminal harassment, property damage to intimidate, and civil rights violation counts. Of those charges, criminal harassment would carry the longest possible sentence, of 30 months. A spokesperson for DoorDash was not immediately available for comment.