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“Don’t Say Gay” Becoming Reality, But The Fight Continues.


From Pensacola to Key West, “Don’t Say Gay” is one signature away from being the law of the land. If you’re watching this show “On Demand,” it may already be signed. In this week’s SFGN, online and on stands tomorrow, we have extensive coverage of the past week that saw student walkouts, passionate demonstrations in Tallahassee, and rallies against the bill in South Florida. We’ve also seen petulant behavior by a principal who suspended one of the organizers, the governor’s chief spokesperson calling us all pedophiles, and a Republican state Senator who sponsored the bill admit he had no idea what he was talking about and that kids need to stay in the closet. SFGN will continue to be there for the governor’s remarks when he signs, and the inevitable court challenges. This year we rallied against “Don’t Say Gay,” last year we were trooping up to Tallahassee when they attacked trans kids wanting to play sports. All to no avail. What horribleness does the GOP have planned for *next* session? That depends on you. You can vote, and get friends to vote, and your friends’ friends. Stop DeSantis, flip five senate seats, or both! Either elect new leaders, or we’ll be covering another piece of horribleness next winter.