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Cocaine Orgies and Lingerie: Madison Cawthorn Ethics Investigations Continue With Gay Scandal


US Representative Madison Cawthorn has been getting into a lot of trouble recently. Cawthorn, who is the youngest member of Congress in half a century, has been having a rough few weeks. Once a rising star in the GOP, many in his own party turned against him after he spoke on a radio show about being invited to 'cocaine orgies' with his fellow lawmakers. When pictures of him in lingerie at a party leaked, most people laughed them off. Now the Republican golden boy is facing a probe into his improper relationship with his scheduler, Stephen Smith. Smith and Cawthorn are close friends, and frequently post bromantic photos together on social media. Cawthorn lets Smith live with him for free, and reports say that Smith even joined Cawthorn and his now ex-wife on their honeymoon in Dubai. David Wheeler, co-founder of 'Fire Madison Cawthorn' said, "We stick to the facts. We don't do conjecture. Essentially what's happened is he's been violating House ethical rules first of all by providing free housing for one of his staff. You can't gift more than $250 to a friend and House rules say you can't give gifts to other House staff."