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Yello! is a state-of-the-art, bright and eco-friendly creative arts and events center in Fort Lauderdale, featuring organic, plant-based prepared grab & go offerings.


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I went to the Piano bar event this past Friday and it was really a nice experience. There are light bites to eat and the atmosphere is relaxing, with great classic as well as contemporary music being played by the pianist. I hope they continue having this event on Friday’s. It’s a different way to unwind after along week of work.

I LOVE THIS STUDIO! I have been taking the Adult Ballet and Zumba classes here, three times a week, since July. I've also lost 11 lbs since I joined. The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL! The instructors and staff are incredibly sweet and go above and beyond to assist anyone who walks through the door. I have been looking for a great studio and I finally found one. Instead of lacking in motivation to work out- I actually can't wait to go to my classes and also see the staff. My friend has also started coming to the Zumba class with me every week. I highly recommend anyone to give Yello a try... you won't be disappointed.

Great place for the whole family. I am glad I found them!