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The Sawmill Camping Resort -Voted America's Favorite LGBT Campground

Sawmill Resort....America's FIRST Gay Community Call today: (352) 583-0664


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So much better than expected. Great people...guests and staff alike. I'll could stand some updates and improvements and they have been working hard to make changes. We were there Halloween weekend and they have lots of activities planned, hayride, haunted house, drag shows, bingo, costume contest. Basil at Splash bar was a sweetheart. Enjoy time out in nature with friends ar meet new friends. Consider when booking that some venues like the garage are open late so pick your accommodation according to when you want quiet time. Do as much or as little as you want hope to see you there.

Best gay campground anywhere. I recommend all of it. The shows the poolside drinks the guys. The nature. Freedom. Oh yeah, there are women too.

I've stayed here many times. Years ago in a tent. It did seem to be much busier back then. A younger crowd. Maybe I'm just getting older. Now I usually get a cabin. The facilities are always clean. Keep in mind, we're roughing it. So don't expect 5 star accommodations. I usually eat at the bar by the pool. I think the prices are fair and the portions are a value. I recommend Sawmill to the adventurous gay outdoorsman. I'll definitely be back.

just went to Splash bar here at Sawmill the bartender was leaning on the cash register talking to the Manager Justin both ignored me while I sit there guy from the pool walks in the young bartender waits on him immediately and I got up and head walked out . I Refuse to beg for service as i am a good tipper I will Wait for Dana to be working. POOR MANAGEMENT AND POOR BARTENDER

Outstanding camp in the heart of Florida, i spent my birthday and was unforgettable with the BF! Will be back soon. Thank you!