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A combination of vintage style and cosmopolitan sophistication engulfs the Epic Nightclub. The two level Nightclub is adorned with an abundance of crystal chandeliers, a covered outside arcade with a modern flair, a large performance stage & the best of the best in sound & lighting. There is a lavish, exclusive VIP room for guests looking to go the extra mile. From high-end, eye-pleasing lights and sounds to stellar service, the Epic Nightclub is your one stop for a night to remember.

The Epic Nightclub is also the home to many of our infamous events. From massive dance parties to runway shows, we can assure you that you are bound to have a great time!


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3.8 5 reviews

I’ll make this short and sweet. If you’re looking for a great place to waste your time, then this is the place for you. I found the staff to be quite aggressive, disrespectful and unprofessional. I don’t know what “intensive training” the employees were given, but perhaps a Mental Anguish civil lawsuit will help this establishment redefine their standards of customer service or just basic human decency. What a waste of money, time, energy. Reimbursement wouldn’t suffice the emotional distress this experience has caused me. Hopefully the owner can explain to the Justice as to why this is acceptable professional behavior to them. Or maybe the Better Business Bureau should be informed of the quality of customer service provided. Regardless of which, I wish all the employees much success in their future career endeavors.

Came here with my girlfriend and we had a blast! Great music and good drinks... Didnt like the fact that we were charged to go in due to the fact of the higher drink prices, but none the less it was a good time.

So the portable a.c. thats in the smoking area is suppose to keep the area cool right? So why security comes and unplug it so i guess when people get hot they can't stand in the area to cool down after dancing the night away.....guess we all will pass the hell out not cool wonder why they dont want it on...hmmmmmmmmm

Very large venue, plenty of space and separate area for smokers. I enjoyed my night here.

I go here with friends and we always have a great time. Food is good, drinks are great.