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The Brass Tap - Fort Lauderdale


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Do you like taps that are brass? Then you'll love this place! This place has more beer than your body had room for and they're all delicious. Their trivia night on Tuesdays at 730pm is the best in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere. There's also a secret speakeasy upstairs. Ask around to find out how to get in.

I am really on the fence about this one. We happened to stumble on this restaurant a couple of years ago when we came to the area for a concert at the Parker Playhouse. That night I had ordered the Pepper Jack Mac N Cheese with chicken. It was absolutely delicious, and so creamy! My husband ended up liking that better than his burger. We have made the hour + trip several times just for the Mac N Cheese since then. We recently took our daughter there for her 21st birthday dinner (her choice) and I have to say I was not so impressed this time. It has been a good 6 months since we have been there. The service was incredibly slow! Our server only had 2 tables...ours and another. Every time she came back to us she would apologize and say the other table is very needy. (So what was she saying about us to them?) We ordered our food...and again I ordered the Mac N Cheese. This was not the same dish I had ordered previously to this visit. There was more oil in the bottom of the dish than cheese. The noodles just dripped with oil. Pretty nasty. After we got the bill of $200 for 3 people, which consisted of 2 drinks each and dinner, I am not real inclined to go back.

Very laid back environment. Service was incredibly slow. The beers were good, as was the chicken and waffles, but I was really hoping for some Three Son's beer. Unfortunately they didn't have any bottles (although they normally do).

The environment is nice (although they could’ve turned the fan on because there was no breeze outside) and the wings I ordered were delicious, however, I can’t say the same for the service. I didn’t get the server’s name (she was a thin girl with dark hair, glasses and a nose ring with a tattoo on her inner left arm) because I was late to meeting up with my party. I was not greeted and she never asked if I wanted another drink. In the 2 hours we were here, she probably came to the table a max of 3 times. Took another 30 minutes to even give us our bill and didn’t even thank us for coming or anything, just walked away. I do not recommend sitting in her section.

Totally cool place. Dogs are welcome and beer is flowing. Josh waited our table he’s on his job. Thanks Josh.