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Tenth Level Tavern

Tenth Level Tavern is a bar featuring the best selection of craft beers, IPAs and wines as well as your favorite video games from your childhood to now!



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This place is a Gem. I have been coming here for almost a year and it has never disappointed. The beer selection is great, tons of local beers. They really go out of their way to host events that create a community with the trivia, rock band, and comedy nights. Also Lucky is the BEST!

Fun barcade for gamers! They have a long beer list. I wished that they had a decent diet/sugar free drink option too. They carry some boylen sodas.

First and foremost, the place is amazing. This is what I find to be rare, video games and beer. Beautiful combo. The people you meet here are always fairly friendly or competitors. Second of all, I love Lucky. She is simply the best hands down. She honestly brings the whole vibe together and definitely is a sweetheart. Always gives you nothing but her best. Beyond superb establishment and I always come with friends, always make friends.

Been here 4 a week and this place makes me want to move down here. Skipped clubbing 4 the love of this community that Joey has built with his forehead sweat and salty tears that come from talking about tekken vs streetfighter.

I’ve been coming here for the past ~5 weeks. Me and my dogs usually grab a seat here after I tire them out at the park. Once they pass out, I play through bionic commando and ninja gaiden on the emulated NES station. We always show up when we are either the only patrons (we get there right when it opens). This has been our regular thing for quite some time. However, today, as soon as I walked in, the bartender looked at me and just said “No.” I replied, “No, what?” She then decided to tell me after 5 weeks of coming here that dogs are not allowed. I asked her when this policy started, and she said that they have never once allowed dogs in the establishment. This was the point where I started questioning my sanity... “had I ever brought my dogs in to this place...? Am I losing my mind...?” I scrolled through some pics on my phone and realized that I wasn’t going crazy, and I had taken them here multiple times - but today, we were not allowed in. Keep in mind, there was only one other person at the bar. I leave the pups at home if the place is busy - but this was just stupid. I usually hang out in the corner while my girls sleep, and I’ll play through a few NES games and drink 2-3 beers. No one ever complained about the presence of the dogs - most patrons (if anyone else is even there at the time) would instead come up to me and ask to pet them. Obviously, I would comply; I would never deny anyone of petting these cuties. Besides that, the SBCs and software that they use for the boards are decent. What’s really nice is that they splurge and get the Buffalo SNES controllers, which are probably the best ones available to date. The bread board wiring on the arcade boards is also decent, so that’s pretty cool. The retropie version is good enough to handle what they offer. I just wish that they hadn't let me get in the habit of showing up with my dogs before changing/enforcing the “no dog” rule.