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Parker Playhouse

The Parker Playhouse brings community together through the arts by providing entertainment and educational programming.


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I really like Parker Playhouse. They have a great mix of eclectic shows. All seats are good seats. Because the theater is relatively small, it is easier to see the stage. The floor us curved enough that your view is not blocked by the people seated in front of you. Remember that you can't take drinks into the theater. Think twice before ordering that giant soda during intermission. If you go down the stairs to the hallway that has the restrooms you will see local artwork on display.

Parker playhouse is an older theater offering reasonably priced shows. I went recently to see a singer perform and found the place to be clean and comfortable. It feels a little more casual than the Broward Center and does not have a formal dress code. The audience wore everything from fine evening wear to jeans and a t shirt. Parking is close, but in a dirt lot and about a two minute walk away. There is closer handicapped parking and valet as well. I was surprised by plentiful bathrooms here and saw little wait even outside of the ladies rooms after the show. I believe doors open about an hour before the performance for cocktails.

I was so please with this place when I went to see The violin concert of Lucia Micarelli. The concert was Awesome but the employees and ashes were exceptional. That night I left my purse behind and totally forgot until I got to my home. I returned about 40 minutes later to see if I could find it and sure enough a young man brought to me and mentioned to me that he was about to bring it back to my house. I was very impressed with such cordially from the whole staff. There’s no doubt about it that I would return very soon to enjoy another show in this wonderful place. I highly recommend it.

I went to purchase tickets to the Nutcracker. The gentleman behind the counter was so helpful. I definitely would go there again. Great customer service.

Love this venue. Am sorry to hear that they are going to increase seating capacity and update the decor. It's iconic and funky. I am afraid they will ruin the acoustics and we will have another sound disaster like the Broward Center.😥