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Panthers IceDen

Panthers IceDen is a state-of-the-art triple ice skating & entertainment facility and the official practice facility of the Florida Panthers!


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I love the Panthers Ice Den, I have been coming here since I was a kid. I remember when the facility had an arcade and was still called incredible ice. Throughout the years they have only gotten better and upgraded their facility. All 3 sheets of ice are fantastic to play on. The staff is phenomenal, everybody from Ashley, to Tyler, to Sue. They really make sure the rink stays in top shape so we can all enjoy.

The ice and the arena are awesome but the staff unqualified, they took ten minutes off my ice time to register my name, phone number and address, how hard is it to input that info into a computer? They should hire people with computer skills if they will use a computer. Loved the place though, I would go again since hopefully I won't t have to register again.

Very nice facility. My kids went to hockey camp here and it was top notch. They also had private hockey lessons with Marco Spisso. He is very good with the kids. Pro shop has everything you need for hockey. You can also order food and drinks. Food is good for the price. Three sheets of ice.

This is an amazing place to ice skate around the rink with family and friends! There are skates you can rent there and an they offer walkers for newbies to learn to skate. There is a variety of concessions and drinks that you can purchase, like hot chocolate, nachos and even smoothies! In the building, there are some nice benches you can sit on if you happen to get tired from skating. Frequently, there are many deals every week for skating sessions. For example, on some days, from 7:00pm to 8:30, the skating sessions price is cheaper and the skate rental is free.

Practice rink of the Florida Panthers. You can watch practice for free. Decent food. Go upstairs to the mezzanine bar and have a beer while your kid gets dressed out for the game. Wear a jacket because, hey, there's a huge piece of ice on the ground!