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Nova Singers is a 120-member community choir sponsored by Nova Southeastern University. The choral organization is dedicated to performing quality choral music throughout Southeastern Florida. Founded by Peggy Joyce Barber in 1976, the singers embrace the community with the warmth and joy of music performing 9 to 12 concerts annually. The group has performed in local, national and international venues including Carnegie Hall in New York City, St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City/Rome and Esterházy Palace in Vienna, Austria.


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I took several classes in the ITDE program and there were a few good teachers. Although I did quite well academically In the classes they told me I can complete the program without being a certified teacher which ended up being a problem when attempting to do a Capstone. I was told to improvise when completing assignments and projects. It sounded unethical for me to continue because I’m a person of substance. I was misleaded and being an active certified teacher currently working should be a requirement. I lost faith and credibility in the program.

NSU provided me a great education, with my professors being caring and qualified. However, if you are looking for student life, consider another university. The campus life here is abysmal compared to other colleges, and significantly impacted my well-being and health while attending. You feel separated and the involvement offices seem to say no more than “Look online”. If you have a family, or a full time job - NSU is an excellent school for you. But if you want a vibrant student life, and friends, consider another university. I have since transferred to another university.

My son graduated from NSU with BS and DMD. As a parent of an NSU graduate I appreciate this school providing not only the 4-year full scholarship but also high-quality education to my son. NSU well prepared my son for his professional study. NSU is a kind of new and rapidly growing school. It is totally different from Ivy or Big 10 schools with long history. Although its undergrad school ranking is not high yet, most of classes are small and professors are teaching very well. Especially Chem and Bio professors are excellent with high passion. They know each individual student in the class and they are friendly. Some pofessors are working closely with undergrad students and providing them with wonderful opportunities to be involved in research projects. More number of girls than boys. Cons include that there are no NCAA division I sports. No football, no basketball. Even undergrad campus area is a little too calm. However, the campus is gorgeous with southern FL nature and all brand new buildings. Super state of the art library, gym, and students' center there. Staffs are friendly. Campus locates in a safe and well developed univ town. Excellent dorms for undergrads and grads. Very convenient to live. Everything is there on the Univ. Drive. Just 15 to 20 min driving to beautiful FLL beaches. Most of NSU professional schools are good. In reality NSU is a highly professional school oriented univ. They should strengthen undergard and grad programs (MS and PhD) for their future. So far, NSU seems too much oriented to professional schools, which could probably be the strategy of this school for the fast growing as a relatively new school founded in 1964. They recently opened a medical school and they are the only school educating both MD's and DO's. They should more support grad research programs (MS and PhD) such as Chem, Bio, Phys, etc. Natural Sci building and research facilities are not comparable to other professional schools. NSU better hire professors with strong potential not only in teaching but in research and support grad students. Highly recommend scouting famous NAS member professors or even Nobel laureates for the rapid growth. They should focus on attracting more research fund from outside. Also, they should build up NCAA division I football or basketball team soon, which will provide great spirit and memory to all of the NSU families, especially young undergrad students. It will also greatly activate NSU campus and heavily contribute to FLL/Davie/Plantation community. In conclusion I see huge potential for NSU to grow as a strong and high rank univ within next 10 or 20 years with appropriate strategies. Go Nova !!!

Getting my online degree is convenient, rigorous, and affordable. I'm held accountable and I feel like my degree is really worth something. I know potential employers already! Highly recommended!

Bad for visitors. Buildings are too hard to find. Every other entrance is fenced-in.