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This museum was one (and still is) of my favorite places to go as a kid! Their permanent and rotating exhibits are amazing and always informational. The aquariums are well maintained and so is the rest of the facility. If you have kids and want to take them somewhere you can enjoy to, the museum of science and discovery is the perfect place to go

Something for everyone! I have been a visitor many times. Parking is convenient and the waterfront is nice too. A great place to go on a hot summer or rainy day. The IMAX is state of the art and they play first runs too.

Was here visiting from another state and enjoyed my time. Most areas we enjoyed except for the hurricane area some things were not working also upstairs above where the magnetic parts were some areas there also were not working right. The outside small area we enjoyed was nice to have things indoors and out.

This museum Is amazing. There are so many things to do and experience and it caters to all ages. There are a few things in the children's area that could be repaired but the children don't notice at all. There is plenty to keep them occupied. My one suggestion for the airboat ride is that the adults should be seated behind the children. We had two small children and sat in the back area of the ride; the children could not see to appreciate the experience and on our ride, the adults were busy talking and likely not even paying attention.

What a wonderful surprise! It’s big and my twin toddlers loved it. The staff was very kind and went out of their way to be helpful and make it a great experience