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This is the first time I've been able to deal with our experience at this church. We attended regularly, every Sunday 8 years ago when we moved down to Florida. Rev. Sherry Jankelovich was the president. We donated generously and prepared food for the monthly luncheons. At one of these luncheons, Rev. Sherry sat down opposite us and said "So you're Jewish". She went on to ask WHAT WAS IN THE FOOD WE BROUGHT! We felt humiliated and never went back. Also, a church member, Darlene, was in the hospital dying of cancer. I asked Rev. Sherry how she was, if she had seen her and Rev. Sherry brushed me off, saying "I don't know." I, too, realized that it's all about money and the real caring isn't there. I can only cite my experience and my husband's. I'm glad if people find something good there. We all need a lot of comfort these days. In response to "the owner". Sorry, but this is a totally inappropriate response. We were treated poorly and nothing can gloss over that.

Can you just feel the Love..thank you, Kevin Lee

Solid, caring, open minded people.

I’m only able to take some of the class es the church has to offer. I always attend the class on developing medium abilities with Rev. Vito and in only 6 months time it’s hard to believe all the abilities that I’m gifted with and had no idea. Everyone I’ve met so far are incredibly loving people.

There are no words that can ever fully express what the Metaphysical Chapel has been in my life. Rev Kevin Lee's light shines bright. The blessing of experiencing the gifts of the worlds best healers (Caylor, Shane and Kai), to the healing energy of its members all in a sacred place to grow within. Sunday sermons are enlightening and fun. The best music. Much gratitude and love.