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Not much of a variety. Barely anything is organic and most of the produce is jot locally grown 😤 The green juice and other baked goods are pretty good but the farmers market as a whole is way over priced. You are better off going to Brothers market down the street.

Incredible experience, went there with a group of kids with special needs, the owner took care of us like if they were her kids! Support this farm, the food was incredible! The smoothies were great! And prices very resonable! Thank you very much Chelsea! We will go back!

Very cute farm stand with fresh produce and healthy snack alternatives. Cute farm to table concept for appetizer dishes and a couple meals. Worth a stop to check out.

Thank you very much Marando Farms, our experience was incredible. We went with a group of kids with special needs and you made sure everything was smooth and special. Chelsea, the owner took care of us personally. We will be back for a second round and some more shopping!! Food was great too!!!

A lot of entertainment for the kids. Our family loves it! They also have some free yoga, and different events throughout the year.