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Enjoyed the show. The ladies were great. The music selections were outstanding! We had an issue with parking. The person who was in charge of valet parking was totally overwhelmed with the number of cars that all arrived at once. He actually jumped out of a car and left it in gear and the car took off and was rolling back towards the crowd. The valet attendant was totally out of control. I refused to let him park my car because of the incident and he threatened to have my car towed if he didn't park it. We had words and I finally told him he was not driving my car period and get over it. I did not trust him. He told me that Lips was fully insured for any damage that might be caused. I told him that did not matter. I parked my own car. He then demanded I pay him $5.00. I gave him the money so I could join my friends inside but I was appalled by the behavior of this guy and will not bring my group of friends back to Lips.

Absolutely hilarious and worth the money. A group of us went down to Lips for a fun night. Most dinner shows have terrible food, but Lips delivers. The food was delicious and cooked perfectly. The drinks were generous with the booze and we have too many lip-shaped shot glasses among us to count. The show was a lot of fun and even though a good chunk of the night is devoted to birthdays, brides, and other celebrations no one in our group felt bored. Servers are also the evening's entertainment so don't be surprised if your service might be a bit slower while the show goes on. We never felt neglected or that service was slow though. Gratuity and cover charges are added to the bill, but it's clearly labeled on the bill and charges explained when you make your reservations. Definitely make reservations if you want in. The facility isn't large and sells out by all accounts.

This was my second time going there. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The show is great. The ladies are beautiful and funny! I will definitely be returning.Great place to laugh and be entertained. I enjoyed my food, and my friends enjoyed the drinks!!

The food is good. The music can be too loud at times during dinner and that makes it hard to hold a conversation. The performers do a great job in both roles of wait staff and entertainers. Worth going at least once. I go once a year. Great place to have a celebration.

This place is amazing! Though my first time since I’m from out of town defiantly well be back whenever I’m back in town. These Queens know how to party!! Hilarious raunchy humour defiantly not for kids. Which you can tell from the names of drinks from the menu if not from the show. I had a screaming orgasm shot it was pretty good just like all there drinks I got there. The food was good not amazing that’s what the show is for. I went for my birthday and they go all out to help celebrate special events. I wish I could have gone to there Sunday brunch one maybe next time I’m in town.