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Where do I begin... I was introduced to LeBoy last weekend and was immediately smitten. The locale is low-key and casual. Even though the center bar and stage inside were perfectly fine, we spent most of our time in the back yard because it was so easy to snag a table and just chill for hours. Drink prices are fair and the bartender was fine with playing our song requests and got us drinks quickly. The dancers were really sexy and attentive. Would recommend! PS: if you don't get a lapdance here you're really missing out.

I’m a dancer here and I love working here ! Very kind bartenders and dancers and very good energy in this place ! Come by

Amazing place with amazing dancers to entertain you all night. All you need to do is show some gratitude and tip the dancers. They will treat you like a king! Drinks are extremely good thanks to the wonderful bartenders! The lap dances are one of a kind. ;) If you're a boss and have that $$$ you can prove it at Leboy! Show off you're success ;P

Went last night. I used to love this place. It was that feeling like after the circus leaves town.

~~ BUYER BEWARE~~~ $9 FOR A BOTTLE OF MILLER LIGHT .. Yes MILLER LIGHT! I loved the fact they say "NEVER A COVER". trust me , they make it up.. I would understand if all the clubs charge that especially if it's in a prime location , but all the other clubs charge $4-$5 and this club is in the gay ghetto! NEVER AGAIN !!