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Awesome place! Love the vibe of it. During my stay I had a very small issue and it was handled immediately. Doug is amazing! I can’t wait to come back!

One of my favorites. The owners are very caring and generous. They go out of their way for you!

Clean and casual. Several modest sized rooms. Friendly and helpful staff. Common area in the middle with sun deck and pool. Good prices.

ALWAYS a great place to be. I'm shocked I'm only giving it a 3star rating this time. Almost all past experiences would have been 5star. Room was onbearably hot upon arrival and took MANY HOURS to cool down. The staff did their best, as always, to mitigate the problem, but was still disappointed (on this AND ONLY THIS experience).

Seems like a nice place, but was only out front to drop someone off, looks clean, I'm excited to visit.