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Hagen Park Sand Volleyball Court


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Company picnic. Nice facility. Lots for the kids to do.

Play tennis there every weekend. Great neighborhood courts.

The city designated it a "park" but it is more of a tennis center with a small kid's playground. If it were a park, it would have wide open grassy spaces with lots of trees, not 90% of the area as asphalt. If the city officials could allocate resources to build a park with grass, trees and a walking trail, even a quarter of the area of the parking lot, it would be a great place for picnics, sporting events (other than tennis), outdoor music venue and other park amenities usually found in parks. Still, the tennis courts are decent and the kid's playground is a nice addition.

I take yoga here at the civic center on Wed and Sat with Matt Gillespie. Excellent instructor, check out his web site

Great place for tennis and basketball. There is a fee to play tennis and its a very peaceful place to bot some balls.