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The GLBX is a council of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and Broward County’s premiere gay-friendly networking organization, maximizing our member’s business profitability.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce is the first Chamber in the state of Florida and one of the first in the nation to recognize the LGBT community as a major component of their membership. The contributions of the gay and lesbian business community within our city and surrounding area are a major driver to our local economy.  The primary focus of the Chamber is to drive economic growth for the Greater Fort Lauderdale community. It was recognized that the gay and lesbian community plays a major role in our local economy and needed to be included in a manner that helps to  unite and connect all local businesses, giving an inclusive voice to continue to attract new gay and lesbian owned businesses.

GLBX originated as the Gay and Lesbian Business eXchange in 2008 and formally became an official council of the Chamber in late 2010, shortly before its two year anniversary. Growth of members quickly expanded to 150 businesses in less than two years which was a major milestone on the road to success for the GLBX Council. We encourage all gay and lesbian owned businesses as well as their allies in Greater Fort Lauderdale to attend any of our events and consider joining the chamber and actively participating with GLBX.


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For I really really do not understand how the greater Chamber of Commerce of Fort Lauderdale responsible for the Improvement and enhancement of Fort Lauderdale... I bring into question the continued construction of high-rise so close to the Briny Pub and the surrounding Canal which to me the beauty of the canal lies in like the famous buildings from past Century to be important... So how then would you like to live next to a high-rise when you live in a house but that's exactly what they're doing to the canal and the surrounding historic properties overwhelming it with a structure that creates a dark shadow and uncomfortable Concrete Jungle Feeling when it should be set back approximately close to the nearest Street cheat for the cover that street where they're building it would be more appropriate just like the public parking that's for stories near the library something like that type of construction if you want to do that but don't to the canal and spoil the whole thing I just wanted to those of you who are in the Chamber of Commerce dot-dot-dot I Living For the Love of Money and not realizing that that same money you wish is the one you're using to destroy the enhancement of the same thing you desire

I stopped by the Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce with the co-founder of the Erin Brockovich Foundation (Erin is the other co-founder) to talk to someone - anyone - about the green and yellow toxic drinking water going to a quarter million residents, hotels and cruise ships. Nobody would meet with us and nobody returned our calls. Fine. I'll just go onto social media and explain how hotels are lying to guests about our water that's unfit to drink 10 weeks out of the year. Ammonia is dumped into our drinking water. This is illegal to do in the whole state of Tennessee because of how bad it is for people. And it corrodes water lines.