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Front Runners & Walkers Fort Lauderdale

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Who we are...  
Front Runners Fort Lauderdale is a group of people who enjoy running and walking. The group creates a positive atmosphere through planned activities where gays and lesbians can be themselves.

What we do... 
Different exercise routes are available depending upon your ability. Set your own pace.

4 Mile Riverwalk Loop
6 Mile Beach Loop

3 Mile Tour of Homes Loop

Can't join us for running or walking? Come join us afterwards.

We schedule at least one social event a month.

Other activities... 
Special runs, monthly socials, recreational activities, weekend trips, and exclusive members-only events.

Our History...
Back in 1974, "Lavender U" was formed in San Francisco to provide a setting for gays and lesbians to participate in track and field events, especially running.

Also in 1974, The Front Runner, by Patricia Nell Warren was published. This was a ground breaking novel about homosexual love in the sports world. It is a love story about a coach and his star runner.

In honor of this book, the name "Lavender U" was changed to "San Francisco Front Runners." With that first running club in San Francisco, other larger cities started to form gay running clubs. Over the years, Front Runner clubs have formed across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and the Middle East.

A local group of gays and lesbians who had the goal to run the New York Marathon formed Front Runners Fort Lauderdale in 1989. Walking was later added to the Front Runners activities. Front Runners Fort Lauderdale has members from Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

Frontrunners Fort Lauderdale is a proud member of Road Runners Club of America and is a 501(c)(3) corporation.


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